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Fergus In London

I'm a Mobile & Web Application Software Engineer, currently plying my trade at a healthcare software company in London, UK.

My pet hates include:

  • Using mysql_* methods in PHP; they're deprecated for a reason, dude.
  • Using jQuery and then doing absurd things with the DOM, or worse, using jQuery and doing next to nothing with it; it's added bloat, man.
  • Rolling your own security/authentication frameworks.

Stuff I know

Wordpress // Yii (PHP) // Laravel (PHP) // Plain ol' MySQL // PHP5 // Javascript // Node.js // jQuery // Underscore.js // Android SDK // Java // PhoneGap

Stuff I've used, but I'm actually pretty clueless about

Ruby On Rails // Spree // Objective-C // iOS SDK (The iPhone SDK back then?!)